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Pierced parts

What is metal piercing?

Piercing is a mechanical process where a cavity or hole is created in a metal shape by a pressing process versus traditional drilling techniques.

What are the challenges with piercing?

  • Process design
  • Retaining features of the shape after piercing

Why use MFI for piercing?

  • Piercing equipment is on site in Russellville, Indiana
  • Process design, prototyping, and engineering under one roof

What are the primary benefits of piercing?

  • Increased production speed over drilling
  • Metal shavings eliminated
  • Tight tolerances
  • Variety of shapes
  • Grain structure retention when cavities formed
CNC (open-ended grain structure)
Formed Cavity (aligned grain structure)

In addition to piercing, MFI’s secondary manufacturing equipment includes chuckers, thread rolls, Brown & Sharpes, along with drilling and tapping equipment. Completed operations include milling, slotting, drilling, tapping, counter boring, chamfering, threading, knurling, brazing, grooving, trimming, and nickel plating.