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About MFI

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Metal Forming Industries (MFI) is a United States based, contract serial manufacturer of customer designed components. We specialize in specialty cold heading, cold forming, impact extrusion, precision machining, controlled atmosphere brazing, and more, working for a diverse range of industries and applications.

Since 1991, MFI has been a leading provider of impact extrusion and cold forming for parts such as grounding ferrules, battery terminals, semiconductor components, specialty connectors, and much more for companies around the world. Our unique in-house capabilities allow us to provide these industries with the critical components they need. Metal Forming Industries is a leading supplier of brazed copper solenoid terminals for commercial vehicle starter solenoids, copper grounding ferrules for utility grounding cables, and copper battery terminals for industrial & aircraft batteries. While we are a leading provider to the utility transmission & distribution, commercial vehicle starter, power semiconductor, and thermostat markets, these are just a few of the industrial markets we serve. Telecommunications, aerospace, medical/healthcare, military and many other industries and applications rely on MFI for their precision components that require our specialty cold heading, cold forming, impact extrusion and other production processes.

Metal Forming industries is located in Russellville, Indiana, near Indianapolis, where we have access to efficient transportation routes and an abundance of skilled workers. Our strategic location helps us manufacture parts at globally competitive prices with enhanced quality and flexibility. Quick changeover techniques, lean manufacturing systems, and automated operations are also continually explored to maintain these strengths and our competitive advantages.

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In 2012, the St. Clair Group purchased Metal Forming Industries and immediately began improving the company. The St. Clair Group Management Team, with the support of our incredible workforce, have developed and installed the following primary industrial business system pillars:

These efforts and modern systems have further improved our quality and efficiency. We are constantly pursuing new opportunities to add components and products to our lineup by working with current customers, exploring new market segments, and even value-engineering components already in production. The structure of our company coupled with our scientific feasibility process provide the platform that allows us to explore almost any possibility. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with your business.

Metal Forming Industries is committed to safety, our customers, our employees, and our community. We will continue to grow while being committed to maintaining these values. The St. Clair Group is determined to keep Central Indiana’s globally competitive manufacturing base that it has developed over many years of proven success.