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Brazing and Annealing

Brazed part

What is controlled atmosphere brazing?

Controlled atmosphere brazing is a specialized metal-joining assembly process whereby a filler metal (silver) is heated above its melting point and distributed between two other closely fitting metal parts by capillary action. As the filler metal cools it forms a physical bond between the two parts which completes the assembly process.

MFI offers atmosphere (hydrogen + nitrogen) belt-furnace brazing assembly capable of brazing a large variety of metal alloys with different filler materials.

What are the challenges of controlled atmosphere brazing?

The challenges with controlled atmosphere brazing include selecting the correct filler material based on required bonding strength or conductivity, calculating time at temperature, and keeping the parts from oxidizing while in the brazing process. The brazing process requires specialized technical knowledge of atmosphere furnaces and the safe mixing of industrial gases to assure the assembly process quality and reliability. MFI engineers have over 22 years of controlled atmosphere brazing experience for the very demanding Power Semiconductor industry.

We also perform Annealing. Annealing is often done to remove stress from metals. Annealing is done on the same equipment used for brazing. Both annealing and brazing are secondary processes used in the production of parts and assemblies for our customers.

Brazing assembly
Brazing automation
Furnace belt of brazing furnace with brazed parts