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Metal Forming Industries has the proven capability to provide its customers with components manufactured from a variety of different materials. MFI has over 22 years of specialty cold forming and precision machining experience in copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel materials.

The table below lists just a few of the materials that can be cold formed and precision machined. MFI process engineering can provide specific material recommendations based on a detailed review of the customer designed part application.

Copper Aluminum Steel Stainless Steel
UNS C10100 AL 1060 C 1006 B SS 302
UNS C10200 AL 1100 C 1008 B SS 304
UNS C10300 AL 1350 C 1010 B SS 316L
UNS C10700 AL 2017 C 1015 B SS 430
UNS C11000 AL 2024 C 1018 B  
UNS C15000 AL 2047 C 1021 B  
UNS C18150 AL 2117 C 1022 B  
UNS C18200 AL 5056 C 1035 B  
UNS C26000 AL 5083 C 1038 B  
UNS C65100 AL 6061 C 1541 B  
UNS C65100 AL 7075 C 4037 B  
    C 8620 B  
    C 8637 B