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Thread Rolling

Thread rolled studs

NOTE: We only perform Thread Rolling as a secondary process for parts we are making for customers. We do not perform thread rolling as a standalone service.

What is thread rolling?

Thread rolling is a mechanical process where threads are cold formed when the part is squeezed between two thread dies on a thread rolling machine. Thread rolling provides for a stronger thread and no loss of material.

What are the primary benefits of thread rolling compared to conventional thread cutting?

Surface roughness chart

  • Raw material savings
    • 1/4-20 thread pattern produced approximately a 25% savings
    • 3/4-16 thread pattern at approximately 16%
  • Increased thread strength over machined threads
    • Tensile strength increase 10%
    • Root hardness increase up to 30%
  • Reduced manufacturing times up to 70%

  • Superior surface smoothness over other techniques

  • Grain Structure retained

    Rolled thread grain structure
    Cut thread grain structure

Thread rolling diagram