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Metal Forming Industries is a United States based manufacturer of specialty cold formed, impact extruded, precision CNC machined, controlled atmosphere brazed, and electrolytic nickel plated products for a variety of demanding industries and critical applications. Since 1991, we have worked diligently to consistently meet our worldwide customers’ requirements and earned the reputation as a reliable, quality component supplier with globally competitive costs and logistics.

First at Metal Forming Industries, we seek to understand our customer’s total supply chain requirements for product type, total unit cost, required quality, and final assembly location. Each customer’s unique set of product requirements drives the development of a customized manufacturing process using the latest engineering software programs and appropriate machines. Process automation is utilized based on the production volume. This full understanding of our customers’ total supply chain requirements assures that we deliver at a globally competitive cost with Made in America quality and reliability.

Can Metal Forming Industries design a customized manufacturing process for you and help you achieve globally competitive component prices from an established and reputable US based supplier?

Primary Processes

Secondary Processes

NOTE: We only perform these secondary processes or services for parts and components we are making for customers. We do not perform these as standalone processes or services.