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Grounding Ferrules Manufacturer

Metal Forming Industries is a World Leading Manufacturer of Copper Grounding Ferrules.

Grounding Ferrules are important components used in constructing grounding cable assemblies for the utility industry. MFI produces all types of copper grounding ferrules for a wide variety of specific needs, including manufacturing both shrouded and unshrouded versions. MFI’s copper grounding ferrules are produced from bar stock, or we can provide a cold-headed blank, which are cold formed via impact extrusion to a net shape, then annealed, threaded, marked, and tin plated as needed. MFI produces grounding ferrules in both large volumes and short runs, and we can fulfill orders quickly. In addition to producing a high quality product, with short lead times, we also produce grounding ferrules in a cost-effective manufacturing method. Our sales and engineering team will work with you to evaluate your needs and provide the best solution.