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Conexus Indiana A+ Partner Program

What is the Conexus Indiana A+ Partner Program?

The Conexus Indiana A+ Partner Program is designed to address a top strategic concern for U.S. manufacturers—the lack of qualified workers. Indiana high schools involved in the “Dream It. Do It.” program are matched with Indiana manufacturing companies. These “A+ Partner” companies offer high school students access to facilities, industry experts, and other resources used to develop enthusiasm and encouragement for a career in advanced manufacturing. The demand for talented and educated individuals has never been higher in today’s manufacturing landscape. Students in this program will develop a clear perspective of what a career in today’s manufacturing segment includes, while updating the old image of manufacturing being confined to a dirty, dangerous shop floor and offering very little advancement or financial opportunity.

Why did Metal Forming Industries choose to become an A+ partner?

The St. Clair Group, parent company of Metal Forming Industries, is committed to building family supporting jobs in the United States. We have experienced the same industry problems of finding qualified workers that drove Conexus Indiana to create this program, and MFI is actively working to bridge the gap in educational options for the manufacturing segment. MFI has partnered with North Putnam High School’s Technology Department to build the foundation required to create a world-class, talented workforce pool. Early in a student’s high school career, they will have the opportunity to explore the various options available to them to work in advanced manufacturing.

Why did MFI choose North Putnam High School?

Mr. Jim Hess, the technology instructor at North Putnam High School, has structured his department in a manner that offers students the chance to investigate his or her interest in manufacturing, engineering and logistics. North Putnam High School is located just 15 miles from Metal Forming Industries’ Russellville, IN location so students can access MFI’s resources quickly and easily.

Who will benefit from this program?

Students are only one group of people that benefit from the Conexus A+ Partner Program. Parents are also benefited, as they may be surprised to learn that despite some recent economic challenges, the long-term forecast for the US manufacturing industry remains optimistic. Thus, the demand for a qualified workforce, potentially including their children, will continue to grow, securing a bright future for the next generations to come. Teachers and administrators are also benefited by this program, because they will be able to offer students that excel in these areas, a viable option beyond the traditional university education. Lastly, manufacturing companies in Indiana will develop a larger talent pool through this program, that will help them meet their employment needs in the future. And finally, many Indiana communities will benefit by being able to attract new businesses to their area due to the educated workforce they can offer. Metal Forming Industries is certainly proud to be a part of such a great program.